Vermouth Mita

Vermouth Mita

Vermouth return in Salento

25 oz


900 bottles

Vermouth Mita is the “return of Vermouth in Salento” (and so then in Apulia).

Vermouth Mita is Verdeca (local white wine) based with the addition of more then 60 different botanical extracts, among them emerge helichrysum, savoury and olive leaves which contribute to give the “Apulian touch”.
Although is a red vermuth, its colour is amber, due the low content of caramel.

We decided to produce Vermouth Mita, because we were looking for a strong link between herbs and a local excellence, the wine.
Wine + herbs don’t give many options a part from vermouth.
After more then 3 years of studies and tests we came out with this product wich is not only an aperitif and a cocktail ingredient, but it has been part of rituals and ordinary life in the past.

In our researches we discovered not only that there was a strong connection between Apulia and Piedmont (where this product was invented) but also in my own small town, Lequile (LE) there was a Vermouth Chinato producer already in 1896, the temptation was strong, it was time to let Apulian Vermouth return!

What to expect
from Vermouth Mita

At the firts sip you will experience a sequence of smells that recall flowers, spices and citrus fruits. We purposely create it slightly bitter in order to enjoy it either on its own as aperitive or digestive, but the bitterness and acidity contained make it ideal for mixology as well.

How to
enjoy it best

It although doesn’t have any expiry date, we suggest to keep it far from direct heat sources and direct light, once opened, store the bottle in the fridge and NEVER in the freezer.
Perfect served cold neat or on the rocks, on its own as aperitif or digestive, with a splash of soda water, mixed in cocktails (such as negroni, americano,negroni sbagliato, boulevardier, manhattan etc.).When it’s cold outside try it nice and hot with an orange or lemon peel in it, it will warm you up!

*due its hand crafted production, the product might be cloudy or contain some deposits

Vermouth Mita

Try to match it with: salty snacks, cheeses, cold cuts, spiced appetizer, but also with cookies, pancakes, pastry, spiced bisquits, dark chocolate.

*Vermouth Mita is actually produced with Apulian wine, in Piedmondt, due the fact that in our region there are no longer Vermouth factories can work our complex recipie.

Contact us if you want to know how to have one before it ends!

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