“Herbs to Drink” experience

“Herbs to Drink”

from plant to glass

What is it?

Herbs, roots, berries, leaves, flowers, seeds and fruits, have always been a food source since the beginning of humanity.

It means that everyone of us, has an ancestral connection with the wild, we’ve got loads of informations lodged in the subconcious mind, we just have to dust them!
Based on that , we decided to create an experience of “re-connection” focusing 2 of our primitive senses such as olfact and taste.

We’ve created “ Drinkable herbs and wild cocktails” experience – from plant to glass”. It will let you jump with both feet, and litterally immerse with a phisical and mental interactive journey in the world of wild and aromatic plants . In this LAB we’ll give you all the informations about how to recognise, collect, store and work the plants of “mediterranean brush” and seasonal fruits, in order to create your own“liquid” homemade ingredients and signature drinks at home.
Are you ready to impress your friends and guests?

Where can we do that?

You can do it basically, everywhere!
The experience, that includes also a plant “discovery trekking”, can be done in open spaces such as woods, parks, gardens, or it can be also done in any building where we’ll reproduce a “wild garden” .

It’s an exclusive experience for a limited numer of people, in order to guarantee an optimal interaction with our guests.

It can be mudulated either for adults or for kids, and it can be also customized based on the specific requestes, events and sesonal plants available.

How does it work?

We’ll start with an interactive game based on senses stimulations wich will allow you to know and recognize the most common aromatic plants.
You’ll learn the basics forager’s tecniques, and you will also see the main extractions tecniques, in order to obtain liquid ingredients, such as syrups, infuses, liqueurs, bitters, flavoured spirits, and basics on how to create simple homemade cocktails

Of course the whole experience ends up with a “cheers” made with a good wild cocktail for everyone (with or without alcohol)!


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