Bitter of Puglia’s Santoreggia

16,9 oz

Basso Salento

Yiels 2022:
400 bottles

Amaro Satiro is the first bitter in the world made from wild savory (Satureja Cuneifolia);
this plant belongs to the Lamiaceae family, the same of sage, rosemary, oregano, majoran, lavander, mint, basil, thyme etc. in other words, those plants are all related.

Satureja Montana and Hortensis are spread a little bit accross Italy, BUT the one we use, (satureja cuneifolia) it’s a subspecie of the above mentioned, and it can be found ONLY in some small areas of Apulia and Basilicata regions .
The stems of this plant are hand foraged in the protected area of “Parco Naturale Regionale Costa Otranto Leuca e Bosco di Tricase” (LE).
We pick the stems only once a year in the period going from the end of june till the first days of september, all this factors make the production limited.

The savory put in infusion gives-off all the flavours that reminds almost all its family, so as you can imagine, when you sip it you can taste mint, rosmary, sage and all the other previous mentioned herbs, plus some balsamic notes that recall eucalyptus and pine, in other words it’s a sip of “mediterranean brush”!

Amaro Satiro belongs to our “wild liqueurs from Salento” line. We decided to produce it because tired of the commercial Amari that taste alla but BITTER!
Not only, there are labels that contains till 40% of sugar, ALMOST HALF BOTTLE!

We wanted a different flavour, unusual, strong, aromatic particularly bitter but at the same time, we wanted an amaro, that could remind in one sip the wild side of our land!
It is not for everyone, you’ll love it or hate it!

What to expect
from Amaro Satiro

It starts with a bitter note that lasts 4-5 seconds, and as it fades away, some intense complex and persistent herbal and balsamic notes come up, they will evolve and last in your mouth for more then 2 minutes!

How to enjoy
Amaro Satiro best

Amaro Satiro contains:
0 preserving agents
0 colourants
0 artificial flavours

It although doesn’t have any expiry date, we suggest to keep it far from heat sources and direct light.

To enjoy it best we suggest to drink it neat at room temperature, as a digestive or mixed in “thirst-quencher”cocktails as collins of fizzes.
In mixology this Amaro can be an interestng substitute of bitter or aromatic bitter, it will give to your drinks a “mediterranean touch”
In winter time try it hot as a punch, it will warm you up!

Amaro Satiro
in breief

– intensely aromatic and balsamic
– sharp and bitter
– with strong personality
– minimum amount of sugar
– 100% natural and wild foraged liqueur
– very limited production
– unique taste
– numbered bottles

*due its hand crafted production, the product might be cloudy or contain some deposits

Contact us if you want to know how to have one before it ends!

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