Aleppo pine cones liqueur

16,9 oz


Yield 2022:
200 bottles

Liquore Pineta is the first liqueur in the world made from hand picked baby pine cones of Pinus Halepensis which is nothing more that a pine tree widely spread on the southern Italian coasts .
The pine cones used for our liqueur are collected in the parc of “Torcito” Cannole (LE).

It belongs to our “wild liqueurs from Salento” line. We decided to put that in production because we were tired of the same local liqueurs such as limoncello, bayleaf, almond, fennel, liquorice and so on… they’re good, but very often far too sweet and with a “flat” taste.
We wanted a different flavour, unusual, but at the same time, we wanted a liqueur, that could recall the flavours of our beautiful land between the Ionian and Adriatic sea by simply drinking it .

What to expect from

When you taste Pineta (which litterally means pinewood) you will fully smell and taste the flavours of the pine resin.
Since the first sip it will be intense, persistent, resinous, balsamic, slightly sweet with a touch of astringency in the aftertaste .
So if you can’t go for a walk in a pinewood, close your eyes, and enjoy Pineta, your immagination will do the rest.

How to
enjoy it best

Liquore Pineta contains:
0 preserving agents
0 colourants
0 artificial flavours

It although doesn’t have any expiry date, we suggest to keep it far from heat sources and direct light.
To enjoy it best, we recommend to drink it hot as a punch in winter or nice and cold in summer then you can decide if you prefer it neat, with a couple of ice cubes, with the addition of few lemon drops, or as a thirst-quencher simply mixed with some tonic water, gassosa or soda, ideal to surprise your guests or friends, the result will be amazing, try it !

This is 100 % hand crafted liqueur, a very limited production, in 2019 only 150 bottles have been produced wich makes it impossible to find on the large-scale distribution shelves.

In breief

  • aromatic, balsamic and resinous
  • gently astringent
  • with strong personality
  • minimum amount of sugar
  • 100% natural and wild foraged liqueur
  • limited production
  • unique taste
  • numbered bottles

*due its hand crafted production, the liqueur might be cloudy or contain some deposits

Contact us if you want to know how to have one before it ends!

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